Firm profile
Ramos & Arroyo is a small sophisticated law firm that offers reliable legal services with added value benefits at an affordable cost, guided by the following values.
Expertise Most of our members hold top academic positions in Barcelona's leading law schools, having taught generations of lawyers, published reference books in many fields and written extensively on the hottest issues. At the same time, they have been active attorneys with a renowned practice in the international as well as the local market.
Effectiveness the organization is flexible, without bureaucratic conditionings. Members are available because they keep a balanced workload. The ideal combination of academic skills and daily practice enhances our case management abilities.
Teamwork The firm is strongly suitable to define and give opinions on the strategy of cases and work in cooperation with in-house counsel, other law firms or solo practitioners. We have a longstanding experience as lawyers for lawyers.
Prudence Our associates believe in agile, realistic and practicable answers. Legal engineering is discarded.
Independence We are independent from any law firm association or clients.