The firm was founded in 1982 through the joint effort of two professors of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Profs. Francisco Ramos Méndez and Ignacio Arroyo Martínez. At that time in Spain, most lawyers still provided their legal services as artisans and the new types of legal practice that are common today in many fora were only in gestation.

From the beginning, the firm was predominantly oriented towards an interna-tional practice but, needless to say, without a disregard of the local market. In the recent competition among law firms to grow, merge and globalize, an extremely prudent attitude has been maintained. The careful observation of the evolution of this phenomenon has lead us to the choice of a different model with a more human dimension, in accordance with the principles that inspire our philosophy and our potential market.

We have invested mainly in the comprehensive legal education and training of all the members of our firm, which are continuously kept up to date thanks to the privileged academic position that many of them hold. We are always delighted to devote our time and effort to these academic activities.

At the same time, we have built up a suitable, flexible and efficient infrastructure. Least to say, our firm is equipped with the latest advances in technology, computers and communications, fully updated.