Our major asset is our team of lawyers and associates who are used to work in several languages simultaneously. The basic team is characterized most of all by its solid academic education and veteran professional practice. Many of its members are university professors who continue to teach in Barcelona's Law Schools. Other associates are legally polyvalent and versatile lawyers, and therefore qualified for a multidisciplinary professional practice.

The team can expand itself with flexibility, when a case requires it, thanks to an efficient network of contacts in the academic world and other law-firms, with a result equivalent or superior to that of any other big professional structure. The members of the firm are used to manage, collaborate and work in coordination with in-house counsel, other law-firms or solo practitioners, avoiding redundant work. Outsourcing is also a possibility that is considered, according to the model adopted by many other businesses.

Our associates, in addition to being part of the most prestigious International Associations of Lawyers and Businesses, actively participate in national and international fora, deliver reports at conferences and teach seminars on the hottest issues of the day. A faithful record of the scientific and professional work of our human team is the important number of publications that the firm or its members directly or indirectly promote.