We own a legal library of more than 20.000 volumes, that is rigorously kept up-to-date.

Among the areas of expertise that are more extensively represented, in terms of national and international scholarship, one should mention commercial law, maritime law, procedural law and private law in general.

The firm also receives more than 50 periodic publications, among them the most prestigious national and international journals in each area.

Obviously, the firm has access to all major legislative and case-law databases that are necessary for professional work. All of them are available on-line from any of the office's workstations.

The know-how accumulated from previous cases handled by the firm is embodied in a multitude of documents and forms that are useful as supports and precedents for new cases. But most important of all, the firm is capable of generating the right document for the concrete needs of each case, without relying on any form.

RYA Abogados